Our Retail Shop is Open for Business

We’re thrilled to continue to bring our hand-picked selection of indoor tropical and desert plants to our #plantfam in Buffalo and beyond.

Daddy’s Plants
1250 Niagara Street, Suite B
Buffalo, NY 14213

We recently made a new YouTube video about opening the shop, too:

And in some exciting news, WIVB’s Katie Alexander recently stopped by the Daddy’s Plants and Wildroot Floral shop to highlight the business, and all of the exciting things happening on upper Niagara Street.

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Daddy's Plants Co-Owners Featured in 'Buffalo Magazine'

billy pat porch.jpg

Some exciting news from Daddy’s Plants HQ! Our home was featured on the cover of the July 2019 issue of Buffalo Magazine, with a wonderful feature inside. The photos were taken by Katie Addo of Addo Productions.

We are thrilled to share a glimpse of the house—which we’ve been slowly working on since we moved in back in 2016—and to let our fellow plant parents get a look at where Daddy’s Plants first started to take root. You can see a few snapshots from the feature below, or read the full story for more information and many, many more photos.

This feature is just one of the very exciting things coming up for Daddy’s Plants this summer, and we can’t wait to share more details very soon! Make sure you’re following us on social media to get a little sneak peek into what we’re working on.

Greening Up OnCore Golf's Headquarters


Daddy’s Plants recently collaborated with OnCore Golf to bring some new life to their downtown Buffalo headquarters. OnCore Golf prides themselves in providing premium, high-performance golf balls for all skill levels using cutting edge golf technology. And as they continued to settle in to their office space, the putting green wasn’t the only color to add to the space.

OnCore’s loft-like headquarters were the perfect place to bring some of the outdoors inside. With large walls of windows, the space was just asking for an installation of plants. Having the foresight to see how well plants could fare in the space, the OnCore team purchased a divider shelf system with built-in planters to break up the different working areas.


Daddy’s Plants curated a hearty batch of tall snake plants (Sansevieria) to fill out the divider. These plants were perfect for this location because of their ability to handle various lighting conditions. Plus, their need for less frequent waterings mean they are a great plant for busy office settings. Their tall leaves help to provide privacy, filter the air, and help dampen the sound in the open office.

Interested in adding some greenery to your home or office? Feel free to get in touch directly, or follow Daddy’s Plants on social media to state up to date on the latest news and pop-up locations.


Using Pop-Ups to Perfect Daddy's Plants

We’ve wanted to document a pop-up from start to finish for a while now, but it’s proven tricky since prepping and setting up is an all-hands-on-deck effort. Luckily, we’ve done enough pop-ups now that we were finally able to capture (at least most of) the process on camera.

In our newest YouTube video we’re sharing how we get ready for a pop-up, load up the Daddywagon (we just made that up!), set up on location, and what we learn about growing the business after each event.

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Visiting Madre Cacti in Minneapolis

In the summer of 2018, Billy took a cross-continental road trip through Canada to the Pacific Ocean and back through the Northern United States while Pat stayed back in Buffalo to hold down the fort. Along the way, Billy visited countless locations that sparked inspiration for Daddy’s Plants. This post is about one of those places.

PAT: What was one of your highlights of your time in Minneapolis?

BILLY: Madre Cacti is a shop in Minneapolis with a focus on some of the heftiest, curious cactus varieties I’ve ever seen in one place… outside of the desert. It was incredible. This shop was one I was really excited to visit while driving through the many different provinces and states I visited, especially due to the location/climate. When I saw a cactus shop pop up in Minnesota, I knew that desert plants had found their way into a market colder than Buffalo. This place had “inspirational” written all over it.

P: So, what was your visit like?

B: While it was a transformative experience traveling for a month without the worries of an itinerary, this was one place I wish I had timed out better. I ended up in Minneapolis on one of the days that Madre Cacti was closed, which meant I had to be really creepy and ogle from outside. Thankfully it was a warm August day, the exterior of the shop was gorgeously on-brand and the windows revealed mostly everything you’d experience inside. And what was inside? Straight up dusty desert vibes and some of the largest, curated cacti for sale.

I should preface this by saying that I visited Madre Cacti right before they announced a bigger and even better space that is opening in the near future. If the original location says anything about the new one, it will definitely bring all of the desert vibes you could ask for in the middle of those chilly winter months. The exterior of this corner building was a stunning matte black, just plopped down in a cute residential area. The branding of Madre Cacti is infused in every inch of their aesthetic. It’s rustic, a bit edgy, it’s earthy and yet a bit tough. I guess it’s a lot like describing a cactus. The hardwood floors and walls seemed almost untouched with exposed lath, almost like peaking into a boarded up general store on the side of a highway in New Mexico. On the other hand, the tall and twisting cacti were all neatly potted in terra cotta, topped with an attractive layer of gravel and sand. It all worked together to create a true feel of the desert in the Midwest.

P: Bummer that it was closed when you arrived! Did you get to chat with anyone?

B: I spoke briefly with owner Erik Hamline on Instagram after the visit, but learned more about his interesting journey in an interview with Dschwen. I was drawn to his story, especially since he came from a similar design background as me and pivoted to follow a passion that utilized his past career experience. In the interview, he mentioned a “head-slap moment” in starting the business that I really related with. At some point, you have to look at all of the skills you’ve honed over your career(s) and make a move that is both risky and logical. And now look, he’s already expanding into a bigger space and moving forward with his retail concept.

P: What a great inspiration!

B: It’s the story and process that inspired me most. Did I mention that the owner documents parts of his cactus haul, while driving from Minneapolis to the desert and back? What a wonderful way to share your experience with local customers and plant aficionados across the globe! That really stuck out to me while enjoying my own time on the road driving cross country.

Perhaps being on the road provides the necessary time to assess how to run a small business. Shifting your past job experience to help build a unique retail brand can be daunting, but your abilities are already learned. Use those skills to elevate and structure what you’re doing, and also to give yourself confidence, because the rest is going to be learned through new experiences. Those new experiences are where you’re going to challenge yourself, but challenging yourself helps you learn what works for you. I know my time driving around to New York State nurseries has already got my brain churning. Perhaps I’ll make New Mexico the next stop!

Visit Madre Cacti.

Website: madrecacti.com

Instagram: instagram.com/madrecacti

Daddy's Plants in an Independent Health Commercial

It’s always fun to see yourself on the small screen! Daddy’s Plants recently collaborated with Addo Productions for a television commercial, providing plants like dracaena, ctenanthe, and others for a spot for Independent Health. Watch it now:


If you’re interested in renting plants and accessories for your next photo or video shoot, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Staying Nimble with Your Business

Welp, we've successfully made it through our first multi-day pop-up event last month at Public Espresso + Coffee, and we've started selling our products at a few retailers in Buffalo, NY as a trial run.

Big picture, things are moving along nicely, but we’ve also been keeping our eyes open for unexpected roadblocks and opportunities that present themselves.

In our newest YouTube video, we're sharing one of the most important lessons we've learned as we grow Daddy's Plants: Stay nimble!

Daddy's Plants Featured on "Becki and Chris" YouTube Channel


Love plants but not sure of the best way to display them in your home? (hint: as long as the plants are happy, there’s not wrong way!) Our friends Becki and Chris created a very helpful how-to video to show you their tips for styling shelves with functional items, your favorite collectables, and of course a little greenery.

Watch their video to get some great ideas for beautifying your space, plus you’ll see a little cameo from Daddy’s Plants’s co-owners Billy and Pat about choosing plants that best fit your lifestyle.

If you’re not familiar with Becki and Chris, they create gorgeous video and photo content, and even helped us develop our photography style for Daddy’s Plants.

Follow Becki and Chris.

YouTube: youtube.com/beckiandchris

Instagram: instagram.com/beckiandchris