Greening Up OnCore Golf's Headquarters


Daddy’s Plants recently collaborated with OnCore Golf to bring some new life to their downtown Buffalo headquarters. OnCore Golf prides themselves in providing premium, high-performance golf balls for all skill levels using cutting edge golf technology. And as they continued to settle in to their office space, the putting green wasn’t the only color to add to the space.

OnCore’s loft-like headquarters were the perfect place to bring some of the outdoors inside. With large walls of windows, the space was just asking for an installation of plants. Having the foresight to see how well plants could fare in the space, the OnCore team purchased a divider shelf system with built-in planters to break up the different working areas.


Daddy’s Plants curated a hearty batch of tall snake plants (Sansevieria) to fill out the divider. These plants were perfect for this location because of their ability to handle various lighting conditions. Plus, their need for less frequent waterings mean they are a great plant for busy office settings. Their tall leaves help to provide privacy, filter the air, and help dampen the sound in the open office.

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