A Visit to Plant in Calgary, Alberta

In the summer of 2018, Billy took a cross-continental road trip through Canada to the Pacific Ocean and back through the Northern United States while Pat stayed back in Buffalo to hold down the fort. Along the way, Billy visited countless locations that sparked inspiration for Daddy’s Plants. This post is about one of those places.

PAT: So, Billy, how did you originally hear about Plant?

BILLY: Plant was one of the first shops I discovered with the simple Google search for “plant shops in Calgary.” They popped up in the Inglewood neighborhood of the city, and I decided to pay them a visit.

P: What was your first impression when you walked up to Plant?

B: Having a front lawn created a special entrance into a house plant shop. They had huge garage doors at the front and rear that made it easy to take advantage of the warm summer months and open up the space. People were mobbing the place when I arrived and that energy was really invigorating. People love plants!

P: And what was it like inside?

The feel inside was industrial with cozy, wood accents to warm up the large space. There were two sides to the shop that allow you to explore not only different plant varieties but also the endless accessories available to bring home with your new plants. Since I was in another country and couldn’t bring plants over the border to the U.S., it made me happy to pick up the book Botanicum and some plant charms as mementos. It was definitely the most creative setup of accessories I saw on the trip.

P: Did you get to chat with anyone when you were there?

B: Plant’s owners were the first I chatted with over Instagram before stopping in and they invited me to ask them any questions about owning and running a houseplant shop. I was there on their day off, so I just interacted with the extremely sweet staff. They explained that Plant had expanded within the past few years when they found their dream location, but still own the original space, which is their stationery shop called Recess.

P: What feature or element of Plant did you find most inspiring?

B: I loved their staff-run potting station and the dedicated area for workshops. Their space was so energized and the plant accessories were items I had never seen before and absolutely loved.

P: So, if you were to give Plant a superlative, what would it be?

B: “Most Accessorized”

Plan your visit to Plant.

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