Visiting Bloom Room Botanical Gallery

In the summer of 2018, Billy took a cross-continental road trip through Canada to the Pacific Ocean and back through the Northern United States while Pat stayed back in Buffalo to hold down the fort. Along the way, Billy visited countless locations that sparked inspiration for Daddy’s Plants. This post is about one of those places.

PAT: OK, Billy, give me the scoop on Bloom Room.

BILLY: Bloom Room Botanical Gallery is a plant and flower shop in the EastVan neighborhood of Vancouver, BC.

P: How did you hear about it?

B: I was staying in Mount Pleasant while visiting Vancouver and Victoria and it was just around the corner, a perfect walk. Multiple friends that live nearby mentioned it when I asked about local houseplant shops.

P: Did anything stick out to you as you first approached the shop?

B: It has curb appeal for sure. The branding and ombre color story was extremely inviting from the outside and completely different, yet equally attractive, on the inside. It truly felt more like a gallery, which is why I’m sure it’s called a “Botanical Gallery.” Everything was meant to be looked at.

P: Ooh, that sounds really interesting!

B: Totally. While the walls were a clean white (I’m sure to reflect as much light as possible throughout the space), the floor brought a burst of “Deep Ocean” blue that perfectly framed a richly textured oriental rug. Antique tables displayed plant varieties in the center of the space that made me believe everything belonged in my own home. Mixed in were flowers, floral arrangements and dish gardens on display. You could witness their list of services just by making your way around the room.

P: Were you able to meet any of the owners or staff?

B: I chatted with Brandon while I was visiting (you can spot him on the Bloom Room Instagram) and watched as the owner was busy creating floral arrangements behind the counter. Since Vancouver and Buffalo both sit near an international border, we chatted a bit about the process of sourcing plants locally and internationally. Buffalo is such a short drive from Toronto, which is a mecca for houseplants. And where there are houseplant lovers, there are normally great varieties to be found!

P: Did you pickup any inspiration from the visit?

B: I was absolutely struck by the curb appeal of this store and the overall feel of Bloom Room. The shop really has a strong presence inside and out, something that feels personal and inspiring. I remember commenting upon checkout how I loved their glass display of air plants, to which they replied, “If you’re opening a shop, make sure you secure the air plants! Don’t just put them in a basket, people will just walk out with them.” Important plant shop lesson! People really love air plants, apparently.

Plan your visit to Bloom Room.